The winter season is coming closer and we are very happy to open our house for you. Our motto "formarin -enjoyment with friends" is our warm invitation to you to take time off from everyday life. In our 3-star superior hotel, you can look forward to first-class service and wonderful moments of pampering for body, mind and soul. With plenty of winter fun, space for relaxation and of course lots of delicacies for the taste buds. Whether active on the mountains, relaxing on a winter hike or romantic with a sunset at the slopes at dusk. Look forward with us to an extraordinary winter holiday - at formarin with everything that comes with it!

Yours sincerely, the Wilhelm Bischof family and the entire formarin team

Hospitality with …

Hospitality with passion

The hearts of our whole family beat for our hotel Formarin. The motivation for what we do shines through in the loving details, decorations and service in our hotel. We care greatly about our guests and put our outmost attention into making their stay unforgettable. Our objective is to make our guest’s holidays the very best possible. All the pleasure we give gets back to us – our returning guests confirm that every year, coming back to us and spending their holidays with us.

Hospitality with tradition

More than 50 years ago Formarin opened its doors. Since then it has always been a family property, over three generations already. It is our lifework, we live and work here. Together with our kids Elisa and Alexander we are constantly putting our our passion into making the most out for your holiday!

Yours Wilhelm and Inge Bischof

Hospitality with ambience

The formarin is a place for a relaxing, joyful and feel-good holiday.

The style is a balanced mix of the mountain tradition and elegant alpine chic. Oak, stone pine, pine and cherry wood paired with beautiful fabrics in pleasant colours bring cosiness to all our rooms. Whether in the homely restaurant with the best view of the Arlberg mountain backdrop or in the modern parlour with a mix of lots of wood and straight-lined iron. Including the elegant lounge and the charming bar, both of which invite you to linger.

The cosy couch right by the open fireplace in the hall or simply in the blue wing chair at the front. A little decor from nature in classic vases pleases the eye and the friendly "Grüß Gott" from our team pleases the heart.

Hospitality with panorama

The pureness of nature which surrounds us in Lech is utterly stunning. We probably take it for granted, but the picturesque views of Lech are unique. Just by looking out of the window you can enjoy breathtaking views on our surrounding mountains Wöster, Rüfikopf, Omeshorn, Schafberg and Mehlsack. 

You can take in the beautiful landscape from out of your room window or from our sun terrace with a good meal or a nice drink after a day in the mountains.

„The value of things is usually visible,
but not always recognisable to everyone.
So life remains full of surprises!

Ewald Zweytick

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