In December 1962, guests were entertained and looked after in the hotel for the first time. Since then, the hotel has been run as a family business that has always placed great emphasis on "Good and Authentic". Here at formarin, we have always focussed on enjoyment. Our top priority is to spoil our guests wherever possible and our chef Wilhelm does this by preparing the dishes with love and passion, together with his team. He stands at the helm himself and prepares the finest Austrian specialities, regional dishes, international dishes and delicious fondues for our guests. 

Our kitchen places great value on variety, creativity and flavour. Our house guests also feel and notice this throughout the week. In the morning you start your day with an extensive breakfast buffet.  In the evening, enjoy the delicious four-course menu and you choose your favourite main course in advance. Our vitamin-rich and well-stocked salad buffet, served with freshly baked bread, will not only make the hearts of salad lovers beat faster.

Natural. Honest. Good. A good meal (with a very good splash of wine) is balm for the soul and the guest. Speaking of wine; in addition to cooking, our chef is also an enthusiastic and qualified sommelier, so he and his son Alexander know their way around the wine cellar and are happy to recommend the right wine to accompany a successful meal. Alexander not only looks after the right wines, he also caters to all the wishes and concerns of our guests, whether in the restaurant, bar or in all other areas of the hotel. His team supports him very sympathetically with vigour, passion and professional knowledge.

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