Winter activities

Rays of sunshine, the shiny crystals, pristine hillsides, untouched nature, shimmery snowflakes along the Lech river and the distinctive smell of snow – all that and much more waits for you in and around Lech and Oberlech. What do you expect more from your holidays in one of the top class skiing areas of the Alps?

“Come up and slow down” would be the perfect slogan for a holiday at formarin. We would love it if you’d spend your holiday at our hotel and share this exceptional place with us. Our hotel is located in the heart of this unique landscape, surrounded by giant mountains, looking over the centre of Lech, away from all the stress of everyday life. You can reach us comfortably by car, bus, cable car, ski lift or by foot.


Lech Zürs stands for quality before quantity, for spaciousness and space. This is just one of many reasons why the area is so popular.

In addition to being part of Austria's largest contiguous ski area and one of the most extensive ski resorts in the world, Lech Zürs is also extremely versatile and therefore equally popular with families, freeriders and ski tourers. Here we have the right slope for winter-sports fans of all stripes. Those who have experienced the majesty of Lech Zürs first hand are always eager to return.

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Make tracks in the powder snow with wide turns, drop off cliffs big and small or carve the more than 300 km of perfectly groomed ski runs.

Hungry for more? Head to the snowpark where gliding and sliding over obstacles and exchanging tips with other boarders is the order of the day. With so much choice, each snowboarder is free to choose his or her own adventure for a perfect day of snowboarding. All options have one thing in common: heaps of snow.

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Enjoy off-piste action in the powder snow of Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

Freeriding...in the winter paradise of Lech Zürs...get a little closer to the untouched mountain landscape with the local guides of our various ski schools and dive deep into off-piste and firn fun.

A powder day in Lech Zürs. You look to the left: Snow. Then to the right: snow. Above: blue sky and sun. And in front: untouched deep snow. Now shift your weight slightly and: Go!

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Cross country skiing

27 kilometres of training grounds - A multitude of cross-country trails await.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to clear your head, inhale the fresh mountain air, and do your daily workout, Lech Zürs is the perfect place to make your cross-country-ski dreams come true. 

More than 27 kilometres of groomed, free-of-charge cross-country ski trails are at your disposal as a training ground in the Arlberg region. Flat terrain and gentle climbs, crisp mountain sprints and short descents - beyond the Ski Arlberg ski resort, there is a varied network of cross-country ski trails just waiting to be discovered.

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Stomping through the winter silence with snowshoes is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body and mind. Along the way, enjoy the silence of pristine nature at your own pace and encounter beautiful photo motifs. There are few finer feelings in life than taking a break after a gorgeous snowshoe adventure.

One of the great advantages of snowshoeing compared to other winter sports is that anyone with average physical condition can participate without needing any additional technical skills. With the right pair of snowshoes on your feet, immediately immerse yourself in the wintry nature of Lech Zürs. Whether you prefer to do this alone, in the company of your loved ones, with a guide, with your colleagues from the office, or romantically with your partner is entirely up to you. Anything is possible!

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Snow crunches softly underneath your feet as your footprints mark the path you have already taken. What lies ahead: mountains, sun, snow and a picturesque hiking trail.

While winter hiking, explore the magnified winter landscape around Lech Zürs on specially prepared trails: small paths or groomed winter hiking trails lead over steep mountain slopes, through snowy forests, or along the partially frozen Lech river. In between the mountains around Lech Zürs am Arlberg, there is a 40-km well-groomed network of paths for winter hiking.

Everywhere you look, there are inviting places, where you can relax with coffee and cake, or a hearty snack, take a breather and let your eyes wander.

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Ice skating

Perform a figure eight as you enjoy this romantically sporty alternative to skiing.

There is something welcoming about ice skating: Learning to skate is relatively quick and easy and clearly most people enjoy it. Just watch as people travel around the ice: lovers come even closer to one another when they skate, families laugh themselves to pieces when they first set foot on the ice and friends offer a helping hand when the ice seem less than forgiving. There’s no other word for it, ice skating is simply cool. There’s no better place to enjoy ice skating than the Winter Wonderland of Lech Zürs.

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Fast races on well-groomed tracks... tobogganing in Lech Zürs.

Regardless of whether you’re travelling with family or friends, just out for fun, or keen on a little friendly competition, tobogganing is a fun-filled adventure for young and old! Night tobogganing is another popular option in Lech Zürs: Reaching the start of the toboggan run is easy and comfortable thanks to the Bergbahn Oberlech cable car, which runs from 9 am to 10 pm. Rental toboggans are available from the Bergbahn Oberlech cable car company, sports rental shops, and most hotels.

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Horse-drawn sleigh ride

Pure romance... horse-drawn sleigh rides in Lech Zürs.

Snuggled up in a warm blanket, experience the true meaning of slow travel during a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Your coachman and his team await you at the covered wooden bridge to explore the winter wonderland of Lech, Zürs and Zug with two horsepower. You’ll feel like you are in a fairy tale as you enjoy relaxing moments and beautiful scenery at a refreshingly slower pace.

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Ski,snowboard, cross country Schools

Your first carved turn, your first descent, your first jump, your first time in powder snow: Who will stand faithfully by your side for each and every milestone during your next adventure on the Arlberg? Your instructor of course!

Learn to ski where the first ski lesson in the Alps took place

The schools in Lech Zürs am Arlberg have a long history of shaping Alpine ski culture. The first ski lift in Austria was built in Zürs am Arlberg and the first ski lesson was held in Zürs 1906.

Decades of pioneering experience have resulted in a teaching methodology, which has been perfected over decades and adapted to the latest skiing techniques. Today, you can profit from this wealth of experience at the Arlberg schools, our highly qualified instructors are happy to teach you at Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

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